We took a slow boat (or perhaps one could call it a junk) up the Mekong from Luang Prabang to the Thai border. We’ve seen several faces of the Mekong now. First, we took a longboat around Mekong Delta in Vietnam, where a branch of river meets the sea. Then we stayed on the stylish Mekong riverfront in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Vientiane has a more laid back waterfront on the Mekong. And now we’ve journeying through some beautiful rolling hills and craggy rock formations in Laos, seeing occasional fishermen or gold panners on the way.


We stopped at "Whiskey Village" yesterday, and saw how they distill fermented rice into high-proof firewater. We tried some of it — smooth.

And we breaked at Buddha Cave, a vertical limestone cave in a riverside cliff, that the devout have filled with Buddhas for centuries.


We overnighted at a beautiful lodge at the halfway point, that seems fairly socially responsible. The staff was incredibly nice, and we had a fun evening with some of our shipmates.

The next morning, the fog over the hills was pretty and reminded us of Ireland/Oregon.


We had some really great sweet rice candy wrapped in banana leaves with our tea.


And sat around doing nothing but watching the scenery and reading books.