We’re flying from Minneapolis to San Francisco, our last leg home from London, and my eyeballs hurt from dry planes.

We were in England for Jason’s cousin’s wedding. The wedding itself was in Ware, a 40 minute train ride from London.

It was great to finally meet the bride, and members of Jason’s extended family I’d never met.

Judging from the plumage at the lovely ceremony, Irish milliner Philip Treacy was well represented.

The reception was held at a grand old pile, originally built in the Jacobean style, and added on to in just about every subsequent style. Now it’s a hotel, and a pleasant place to stay — I wished we’d had more time to explore.

We spent the next few days in London, staying with friends. And managed to catch up with Felicia, an Aussie friend we met in Cambodia on our long honeymoon.

Unfortunately, a grey and rainy London didn’t present many tempting photographic opportunities. Fortunately, it did present shopping opportunities.

Walking down the street past a Whole Foods, this London outpost looked so much more designed than those in the US (New York at least), with its trend du jour neo-Victorian-wallpaper-meets-Flatland aesthetic window display.

Back at the Minneapolis airport, this sign brought back memories of the Midwest goose scourge, and of goose-clogged medians in Detroit.