Marcia and I went on a 5 mile training walk (for the Avon Breast Cancer Walk) in Golden Gate Park yesterday, and on a shorter one today in the Mission. After the knee and back pain that followed the 14 mile walk did a couple weeks ago, I had a
trainer develop a more realistic training plan for me, and it seems to
be working out well. The Golden Gate walk was fun, though it was cold and foggy out. We stopped to see flowers by the Dutch windmill; and wandered through the Beach Chalet, a cool WPA project by the shore, decorated with some great old mosaics and paintings. Some of Marcia’s resin art pieces are in the more recently decorated upstairs restaurant.

Today, Jason and I went to Mike and Tricia’s baby shower at their friends’ home in Oakland. The group was fun, food was tasty, and we always like seeing Oakland’s great bungalows.