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Stainless steel diamond earrings


This week I received a version of the Diamond Wireframe Earrings, 3-D printed in stainless steel. It's very interesting to look at, because you can see every "pixel" of the metal used to make the model — the manufacturing process is very evident in the finished product. The design has a lot of texture to it –it's not smooth. Ironically, it reminds me a little bit of metal jewelry and hardware manufactured to look "antique" or patinated. 3-D printing creates a whole new aesthetic with its capabilities and quirks.

I like the way this turned out. It's a little heavier than the plastic versions, and a lot stronger. I'll try wearing it soon to test out the weight.

I'm also interested in creating these designs in a shiny metallic finish. A couple of colleagues have made suggestions on processes I might try.


3-D printing materials sample kit from Shapeways


I received the Shapeways materials sample kit this week. It contains samples of 8 of their 3-D printing materials, in a handy little holder that is also 3-D printed.

Materials included are:

– Full Color Sandstone 
– Grey Robust
– Transparent Detail 
– White Detail 
– Black Detail 
– Alumide
– White Strong and Flexible
– Stainless Steel

I've already ordered models in the white strong and flexible; and white, clear, and black detail materials. But the others are new to me. I'm really excited to try full-color sandstone on some of my models in the future – the colors are bright, and the transition effect is quite nice. The stainless steel has a bit of texture to it. It would be nice for certain objects, but I wouldn't use it for a model that I wanted to look like shiny, smooth stainless steel. Alumide is also interesting it that it looks like an amalgam of materials and is kind of sparkly.

The kit also comes with a materials booklet that describes the materials and their properties and prices per square centimeter, in detail. This is great to have, although it would be nice if it was easier to tell which material sample matches which description.

The kit costs $30, but comes with a $25 Shapeways gift certificate, so really, it's practically free!