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City Hall is an odd place


I just refiled my fictitious business name statement. And waited in line next to a woman in a wedding gown, and a Russian-sounding couple opening a beauty spa specializing in some kind of facial injections. And saw this wonderful old metal box for packages.

Summerized Jewelry now for sale at Love & Luxe


I'm very excited to announce that Summerized earrings are now available at Love & Luxe, a fabulous jewelry store in San Francisco's Mission district (1169 Valencia Street at 23rd).

Betsy, the co-owner and creative director, is a talented jewelry designer, and has created a very well-curated boutique. I'm happy to be included.

She shares my interest in diamonds, as evidenced by this greeting card for sale at the counter…


And this amazing, massive metal diamond in the window display!


I believe they're open Tuesday through Saturday.