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Sneak peek: Future Victorian Emerald Necklace!


Woo hoo, I'm very excited my Future Victorian Emerald Necklace turned out so well on the first print… Deciding on chain lengths now. I like that it just grazes the collarbone, but my neck is thinnish, so I might want to make the chains a little longer to accommodate different size necks.

Summerized Jewelry at Fiat Lux in San Francisco’s Mission/Castro!


Woo hoo! Summerized jewelry is now available at Fiat Lux, a great little boutique in the Mission/Castro neighborhood. Fiat Lux is gem-like little store, with a very well curated selection of local designs. My jewelry is in great company.

Fiat Lux is located at 218 Church Street, between Market and 15th.

My new diamond pendant is on sale there too! Here's a quick snapshot of it. I'll get a better one up soon.


Mutant Crystals featured on Shapeways Friday Finds

Yay! Mutant Crystals were just featured Shapeways Friday Finds. Now if only I can figure out how to get them for sale in my Shapeways store.

Mutant Crystals


Mutant Crystals arrived in the mail today from Shapeways!

I drew these mutant crystals in Rhino recently… In addition to exploring more "perfect" and refined geometric shapes like my diamonds, I'm interested in "imperfect" ones like these. They have a more hand-drawn sensibility (even though they were entirely designed in CAD).

I printed out one version comprised of just the structural lines. My friend Michael was just commenting that it looks like some kind of secret military spacecraft, and that he'd like a tchotchke for his desk shaped like it. Maybe I'll make one!

And I printed out a version with some of the facets "shaded" with lines. I made sure the lines were kind of irregular, like someone was drawing them by hand. I love the idea of something "handdrawn" coming out of the 3d printer. My friend Andrew thinks they'd make good Christmas ornaments too. I agree.


One of the "shaded" ones has a loop at the top, so I can try it out as a pendant. The other doesn't; I wanted to see if maybe the chain would look better going through the structure.

I could also see making a necklace out of multiples of these irregular shapes (designing additional ones) and having them joined end to end.

These models are made of shapes that are 1mm thick — they're pretty thin and delicate, for this scale of a model. They flex and bend a some as you hold them. Though the "shading" makes them a bit stronger. I don't know whether I should make them thicker for use as a necklace or not. Guess I'll find out 
how delicate they are by wearing them.

Moddler printed some diamond earrings for me — they look great


A couple weeks ago, I had just gotten some orders for black Wireframe Diamond Earrings. I was worried I wouldn't be able to fulfill the orders in time — my incoming order of black diamonds was late, because the machine my usual supplier uses to make them was down.

So I ordered some diamonds from Moddler, a small 3-D printing shop located right in San Francisco. Moddler's price per diamond is quite a bit more than my usual supplier's, but he can produce an identical product in 2 days! And I can just hop onto Muni to pick them up -– which is quite an advantage when you have a deadline.

Moddler is located in a nice brick warehousey building. John, the owner, is very friendly and helpful, and makes sure every piece is perfect — a one person business makes for great quality control.

As you can see, in the photo above, much of Moddler's business appears to be printing of avatars.

The space has great light.


You can see his 3D printer in the background here.


Printing with Moddler was a really good experience, and I would do it again.