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New earring design preview


Here's a very rough mockup of a new earring design I'm working on. I'm pretty excited about it. The main "stone" is of course fashioned after an emerald cut, and the others are "pearls." And looking at it on my ear, it has a kind of Victorian feel, but the 3D wireframe aspect definitely puts a different kind of spin on it. In black it's subtle yet surprising.

Stainless steel diamond earrings


This week I received a version of the Diamond Wireframe Earrings, 3-D printed in stainless steel. It's very interesting to look at, because you can see every "pixel" of the metal used to make the model — the manufacturing process is very evident in the finished product. The design has a lot of texture to it –it's not smooth. Ironically, it reminds me a little bit of metal jewelry and hardware manufactured to look "antique" or patinated. 3-D printing creates a whole new aesthetic with its capabilities and quirks.

I like the way this turned out. It's a little heavier than the plastic versions, and a lot stronger. I'll try wearing it soon to test out the weight.

I'm also interested in creating these designs in a shiny metallic finish. A couple of colleagues have made suggestions on processes I might try.