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New jewelry photos from Dana Davis


Last week I went to Dana Davis' Oakland studio to get some more professional shots of my jewelry. He's so efficient and skilled… it was a lot of fun, and they really turned out well.

Summerized Jewelry now for sale at Love & Luxe


I'm very excited to announce that Summerized earrings are now available at Love & Luxe, a fabulous jewelry store in San Francisco's Mission district (1169 Valencia Street at 23rd).

Betsy, the co-owner and creative director, is a talented jewelry designer, and has created a very well-curated boutique. I'm happy to be included.

She shares my interest in diamonds, as evidenced by this greeting card for sale at the counter…


And this amazing, massive metal diamond in the window display!


I believe they're open Tuesday through Saturday.

Finding, er, findings


I've been preparing to approach some retailers with my Diamond Wireframe Earrings, as well as some other new designs. One part of this is to find a reliable way to get the earrings assembled. I dropped some components (my 3d printed designs, plus the findings) off to a woman at a local bead and jewelry shop, for her to put together. I picked them up last week, and she'd had trouble putting them together, because of the (apparently) too-small holes in my designs, and the janky jumprings I'd gotten from one of the major online shops for hobbyist beaders.

I increased the size of the holes in the 3d printed designs, so the earrings will be easier to assemble.

Also, she thought the quality of my findings (hardware) wasn't great in general. I agreed; the gold-plated hooks I've been wearing a while have worn down to their original silver color — not good. Also, the jumprings look sloppy and badly cut. But I wasn't sure where to find better findings.

Meredith to the rescue! Meredith and I went to Cranbrook together; she studied Metals there, creating amazing conceptual pieces, and worked as an expert metalsmith and jeweler for years. She recommended Rio Grande as selling high quality components for professional jewelers. I placed an order and am interested to see if the quality looks better. The price is certainly higher, as I'm ordering sterling silver and gold filled, rather than silver or gold plated. But I really want to make a premium product that people can wear and enjoy for a long time.

If anyone else knows of a great source of findings, I'd love to hear about it.



Summerized Etsy shop open for business (great holiday gifts!)


Dave just christened my new Etsy shop with its first purchase. How exciting!

I recently photographed the 3 colors of my Wireframe Diamond Earrings, and have posted them to the shop . The EZcube worked pretty well for the shots of the earrings against a background. In the future, I'd like to get some good photos of someone modeling them too.

It's exciting to put them out there. I'll be interested to see which promotion strategies work best.

Stainless steel diamond earrings


This week I received a version of the Diamond Wireframe Earrings, 3-D printed in stainless steel. It's very interesting to look at, because you can see every "pixel" of the metal used to make the model — the manufacturing process is very evident in the finished product. The design has a lot of texture to it –it's not smooth. Ironically, it reminds me a little bit of metal jewelry and hardware manufactured to look "antique" or patinated. 3-D printing creates a whole new aesthetic with its capabilities and quirks.

I like the way this turned out. It's a little heavier than the plastic versions, and a lot stronger. I'll try wearing it soon to test out the weight.

I'm also interested in creating these designs in a shiny metallic finish. A couple of colleagues have made suggestions on processes I might try.