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Beautiful new jewelry photography


I recently had some professional photography done for my jewelry. Looking at the cd of images, these first ones are so luscious. We didn't do shots like this of the whole collection, but now I'm thinking it would be a good idea — they show the pieces in such a lovely way.


I did get very straightforward shots of the whole collection, like this…


And this… 


And yes, I have Rockstar Diamond and Mod Moire Pearl pendants now, with a Future Victorian Emerald necklace coming soon!

We also did more straightforward shots of the whole collection on a surface like this.


Guess it's time to order some more of those luscious ones at the top of the post.

Mutant Crystal Necklace Prototype Becomes a Flavor Flav Moment…


So I put the Mutant Crystal prototypes on chains, in a very temporary fashion. I wanted to see how they worked as pendants. Honestly, in person, the large scale is a little too Flavor Flav. But only a little.


And as Meredith pointed out, the pendant should have a "back," and that back should be flat so it can lay comfortably against the skin. I'm excited to rework this a bit, and to wear it!