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Moddler printed some diamond earrings for me — they look great


A couple weeks ago, I had just gotten some orders for black Wireframe Diamond Earrings. I was worried I wouldn't be able to fulfill the orders in time — my incoming order of black diamonds was late, because the machine my usual supplier uses to make them was down.

So I ordered some diamonds from Moddler, a small 3-D printing shop located right in San Francisco. Moddler's price per diamond is quite a bit more than my usual supplier's, but he can produce an identical product in 2 days! And I can just hop onto Muni to pick them up -– which is quite an advantage when you have a deadline.

Moddler is located in a nice brick warehousey building. John, the owner, is very friendly and helpful, and makes sure every piece is perfect — a one person business makes for great quality control.

As you can see, in the photo above, much of Moddler's business appears to be printing of avatars.

The space has great light.


You can see his 3D printer in the background here.


Printing with Moddler was a really good experience, and I would do it again.

Wireframe Diamond Earrings in Daily Candy gift guide!


w00t!! Wireframe Diamond Earrings are featured on Daily Candy's 34 Gifts for Girls guide today. Love it.

New earring design preview


Here's a very rough mockup of a new earring design I'm working on. I'm pretty excited about it. The main "stone" is of course fashioned after an emerald cut, and the others are "pearls." And looking at it on my ear, it has a kind of Victorian feel, but the 3D wireframe aspect definitely puts a different kind of spin on it. In black it's subtle yet surprising.

Google SketchUp and Ponoko team up



Google and Ponoko have a new contest to promote 3D printing.The challenge is to create some content (text, images or video), explaining how to use Google SketchUp for Ponoko 3D printing, with a first prize worth$1500. Sounds like fun!


World’s tiniest lampshade


It's fun to see what other people are designing in CAD, and 3-D printing on Shapeways. Recently, I ordered this LED cap by Virtox, to see what it looked like. It's quite tiny — only the size of a small marble, and kind of resembles a giant spore.

Earlier this year, I took a beginning electronics class, where we put together a circuit that makes an LED blink continuously. Just now, I put the cap on my blinking light and it looks pretty cool. I like the way the light glows through the semi-opaque material, and really highlights which parts of the material are thick or thin.


I have an idea for a 3-D printed lamp that would involve multiple LEDs. It would be a fun project to pursue in collaboration with someone who's well versed in electronics.