So we went to the Maker Faire last weekend, for the first time. I’d meant to go last year, but it coincided with the New York furniture fair. Maker Faire is an interesting confluence of various types of enthusiasts — people who build intricate replicas of old Naval ships, iPhone hackers, utili-kilt wearers, knitters, costumed players of a life-size game of Mousetrap, and, of course, steampunks. In some ways, this is about as different from the furniture fair crowd as possible. It’s kind of like the biggest science fair you’ve ever seen.

A steampunk motorcycle tooted its steam powered horn.

Giant 10′ tall tesla coils, revving up to create big crackly bolts of lightening between them were impressive and made me feel an animal urge to run away.

Tesla coil 3/3, originally uploaded by Jef Poskanzer.

And the Coke and Mentos guys were amazing. They created a large elaborate fountain out of several hundred bottles of Diet Coke, and it was stunning to watch in person. Little kids were frolicking in the Coke.

The TechShop people had a large section at the Faire. And the whole experience make me want to get back into tinkering with power tools again. Freelance has kept me a bit frenetic the last few months, but I hope to find time soon.