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I'm really excited about a new mashup between two of my favorite companies/services, Skydeck and FreshBooks. Skydeck is of course Jason's company; they provide several services, in and around helping you access, track and utilize the data contained in your phone bills (they've also just launched a money-saving
widget, showing you how many minutes/texts you've used this month, and whether you might go over!). And FreshBooks is an online invoicing service, and they have a very useful time-tracking widget, which I use everyday for my freelance work. Not to mention they're great people; I've gone to a couple of their FreshBooks dinners in SF.

Anyhoo, this new mashup will help you automatically capture all your cell phone calls — the length of the call, who it was with, etc. — within FreshBooks, which will make billing for calls a lot easier for consultants, designers, lawyers and other professionals who bill by the hour. Check it out!