San Pedro de Atacama is literally an oasis in the Atacama desert, the world’s dryest. It was probably a sleepy little adobe town till the recent tourism boom.


We were surprised by the sophistication of the hotel and restaurant designs there; they found many creative uses for adobe.



And our hotel had a garden with cacti and big purple flowers.

Food was also a pleasant surprise, with lots of fresh vegatables available in the desert. I enjoyed the opportunity to consume more good Chilean wine and pisco sours.

Six resident cats prowled the hotel and plenty of dogs lay around town; we got our animal fix.

Temperatures in San Pedro were extreme — t-shirt weather and strong sun by day, and cold enough for a New York style sleeping-bag-you-wear-as-a-coat at night.

The local archeology musuem was nicely laid out, and had some good exhibits.


And the requisite  mummies and flattened skulls.


In my quest for unusual posters and design-work the world over, I found this ¨wanted¨ poster for a bug you can catch from food. Appropriate, given that I´d catch one a few days later.