We went out to dinner tonight. The street scene here is so frenetic and a bit disorienting at first, and we accidentally found ourselves in a "Philly cheesesteak" restaurant. Not what we came to Vietnam for, but sort of tasty.

This evening we did a little better with a Vietnamese restaurant. Afterward we wandered around the neighborhood. I just can’t get oveer all the wonderful tall narrow deco buildings. They have a scale similar to Amsterdam’s buildings, yet taller and thinner.

We wandered into a "night market" — a little fair in the park with food and craffts. We happened upon some traditional musicians, and saw lots of interesting lighting along the walkways. Neon on the buildings across the street reflected off a small lake, while bats flapped by our heads and skimmed across the lake for insects. Kids were throwing down bread for the bats like we do for ducks.