Once we’d recovered from the bug, it was time to go to Sihanoukville, a backpacker haven that’s quickly being developed. Sihanoukville is named for Prince Sihanouk. With the choice of taking a boat built for a river across part of the ocean, or a minivan by land, we chose the van. We did not, however, know about the five ferry crossings. This made the trip even more fun though.


This is part of a little town by one of the crossings, including one of the scarier bathrooms I’ve used (at right).


The highway is currently under construction, and we drove on a dirt road for most of the trip. We stupidly forgot to put protective duffels over our packs, which became dark red with the dust. We drove through a lot of really lush virgin forest.


And we saw lots of construction and public works on the way. Everywhere we look, there is new construction in Cambodia.