I’ve been remiss in my post-holiday blogging.

We went to Oregon to visit my family, and spent a couple days on Mount Hood, inner-tubing and skiing.

We stayed at Timberline Lodge. It’s an amazing piece of history, built in the depression by workers hired by the Federal Works Progress Administration. And its exterior was used in "The Shining." Despite that connotation, I’ve wanted to have a cozy Christmas at Timberline for a long time. It was lots of fun, and great to practically ski out the door. I also loved exploring the lodge, which is filled with deco and arts and crafts detail, from the massive local stone fireplace at the center, down to the handmade wrought iron door handles.

Local artisans were hired to create and decorate absolutely every part of the lodge. In a downstairs game room, there are amazing linoleum carvings illustrating alpine scenes with fabulous ’30s fashions.

Stained glass murals of Paul Bunyan and Babe decorate the Blue Ox bar.

We got to sleep in one of these fabulous beds. The design would look contemporary if it were reissued.

Really lovely chairs with woven leather seats sat fireside.

Some elements, like this cougar bas-relief over a doorway, are more deco, while others have a heavier, more arts and crafts feel.

Since it was the depression, the builders and craftspeople used unusual materials in innovative ways — finials were made from telephone poles, and carved with creatures, like this owl.

After Timberline, we spent a relaxing couple of days at my parents’ home, looking out on beautiful snow showers against the pine forest.