The sign says "Lady Kla." It means "Tiger Lady."
Rosa, the boutique’s owner, and Janna, who works there, gave me a warm welcome, and encouraged me to "try it all on!" They insisted that I come out and show them each garment, and even chose a few things for the fashion show. When I emerged wearing the blue tube-top selected by Janna, he accessorized me with matching blue earrings, purse, scarf and ring. And decided I needed some eyebrow pencil as well. Rosa applied lipstick, and said it was time for photos. How could I say no?
This one turned out a bit queeny, but oh well.
Janna styled several more outfits, and he and Rosa got in on the act. Pandemonium!
Finally, remembering Jason waiting back at the hotel, I made my exit, promising to return the next day with cash.
When we returned, we found Janna nursing a hangover to the strains of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. We paid, and let him be.