No Bocce, originally uploaded by devittj.

Last weekend Jason went with me on a training walk through Golden Gate Park. We’d been there a few times previously, but weren’t entirely familiar with what’s there. It’s kind of like Central Park that way, I suppose – something unexpected around every corner, be it a small zoo or a vagrant camp.

Our first surprise was a lawn bowling field. A couple of old timers were out there playing, along with a few newer recruits. Seeing the sign above, we imagined a confrontation between the lawn bowlers and the bocce enthusiasts, ala West Side Story.

Lawn Bowling, originally uploaded by devittj.

Another surprise was the Botanical Garden. It’s actually quite large, with little warrens of paths that are pleasant to walk through. Different sections have names like Eastern Australia Garden, Moon-Viewing Garden (Japan), Garden of Fragrance, Old World (Asian) Cloud Forest, John Muir Nature Trail, etc. You can actually see a real variety of plants there, thanks to SF’s mediterrenean climate.

Botanic Gardens 3, originally uploaded by devittj.