Luang Prabang has a night market, as many Southeast Asian towns do. There are lots of Hmong crafts and textiles, hippie skirts for foreigners, and wood carvings. Each seller has just about the same merchandise… except one.

There’s an older lady there selling some truly bizarre stuffed animals, unlike anything else at the market. She doesn’t speak much English, but giggles a lot and points at various creatures saying "Lucky, lucky, lucky!" Outsider art or too many cheek-fulls of betel nut? I’m not sure, but I love them.

A Japanese couple who were also admiring her handiwork seem to have the same appreciation as me. While I admired "Devil Riding White Tiger," they fondled "Bearded Mystic in Psychedelic Plaid."

Ultimately, Devil and Tiger came home with me, as well as "Trio of Maimed Snakes" for my sister.