Buttersbag2, originally uploaded by kthrnhdg.

I’ve been working hard on a pro bono design project for the last several months. It’s called Bodega Party in a Box, and is for the Neighbors Project.

Basically, it helps you throw a party at your house, using only ingredients from your local bodega (corner store). It will help you meet your neighbors and patronize your local bodega, plus Bodega Party in a Box funds the Food & Liquor project, which helps get more fresh produce into local corner and liquor stores.

The kit will include a (lovingly designed) recipe book, featuring recipes by Chef Daisy Martinez, and many food bloggers; invitation cards; decorations; and a cool, reusable silkscreened shopping bag.

It will be available soon… just gotta get that production done!

In the meantime, Kit, the head of Neighbors Project, has posted some lolcat photos of lovely model Butterscotch perusing the goods, in our bodega bag. See the others here.