On one of our last nights in Bangkok, we got off at the wrong pier, near this bridge,


and had to walk some extra blocks through Banglampoo. We happened to walk into a t-shirt shop, where we met Om, who designs them. He’s also an architect and teacher. It was fun to see a colleague’s work, and we bought some shirts. His sister, Joja walked in, and we heard she’d be singing that evening at a local blues bar, Ad Here the 13th. Later that night we headed to the bar, which had a nice mix of locals, expats and tourists, and felt a bit like a bar on the Lower East Side. Joja had a great voice and belted out everything from Motown to Jimi Hendricks, with her great band. There was a westerner on blues harmonica. I commented to Jason, “You could probably travel the world and earn your keep if you knew how to play blues harmonica.” He agreed. Duuuude.