Jason and I walked along SF’s Crissy Field for the first time last weekend; it was nice to be by the water.

And last week I met up with Hung to talk about refining the salt and pepper again. I was thinking of going back to something like my first, simpler design, as the machine I’ve been prototyping on isn’t the highest resolution, and simpler designs work better with it. But now I have an opportunity to print it on a higher resolution machine, so we’ll try the detailed version again, with some alterations. They should print differently on a higher resolution machine. Right now, too much seasoning pours out the lids, so we’ll try smaller holes.

The higher resolution machines will be very useful for other projects, so there are lots of exciting possibilities.

Last week I also used the laser cutter to cut an initial design for a holiday card. The design turned out to be a little too convoluted in it’s current form, unfortunately. But the level of detail you can get is just amazing.

And I cut out some Sliceform files, downloaded from a website. Sliceforms are paper representations of mathematical models, and they’re pretty fascinating visually and conceptually. Several years ago, I bought a Sliceform book by John Sharp, and am finally trying the models out.

After cutting the pieces out of paperboard, I attempted to put the models together. Unfortunately, the files were created for thinner paper, and the paperboard doesn’t really work them. I’ll have to try again with regular paper. This is my less than perfect result:

Also, Kaho and I took a CNC embroidery class last weekend. The sewing machine will automatically sew your design — you don’t even have to touch it once it’s set up. It’ll sew a design based on any vector file — you can basically sew any graphic image in multiple colors. Lots of great possibilities there too.