I have some project ideas that involve laser cutting and gluing pieces of acrylic; some of which would be like "laser marquetry." But I need to learn a few skills and methods before going forward with the projects. One thing I'm trying to learn is how to glue pieces of see-through acrylic to each other, so that they look neat, and don't have bubbles between them. My friend Marcia showed me how to use Weld-On 4 with a little dropper bottle to do this.

Trying it at home, my results are not as good. This is probably because I'm working on an extremely dusty slab of cement by our basement and the pieces are getting dirty as I work on them.

My first experiment involved trying to glue transparent red pieces of acrylic (star and hexagon) into the corresponding shapes that I cut out of a black piece of acrylic. I tried to confine the glue to just the edges, so the red acrylic would remain unmarred, but the Weld-On is kind of hard to control and watery. The results are really unattractive. Both pieces of acrylic are marred by the glue, and there are little gaps between the pieces of acrylic, which are made more an attractive by the globs of glue lodged in there. I don't think this method will work.

My second experiment involved gluing some interlocking acrylic shapes (and transparent red, milky white, and black) onto a thin piece of transparent acrylic. This method is more promising. The only problem is that there are still some bubbles between the pieces of acrylic – you can only see these on the red pieces because they're transparent. But I'm thinking that this method could work well if I was working in a less dusty environment