I visited Kat in LA this weekend. I was 13 on my last trip to LA,
and remember riding a bus with local teenage girls and admiring their
paint spattered shirts, fluorescent fingerless gloves and industrial
neck chains. Being that fingerless gloves have already come and gone
again, it’s been a long time.

Huntington Beach was resplendent with implants and fake tans. While
Kat surfed, I claimed the title of whitest person on the beach. After,
we found a great antique shop where I bought a canary yellow mod ’60s
dress — the kind that’s cut in half in the middle and connected by
plastic links. I’d been wanting
one for a long time.

LA car culture manifested itself in a tricked out hearse.

That night we hit some kind of eco party benefit, and met the Eco-Hawk.

Other highlights include a fantastic
meal at Wabi Sabi; a drink at The Other Room (apparently related to New
York’s Rooms); meeting Kat’s friend Milena; brunch with Danielle, a grad school friend; wandering
around Santa Monica; seeing Kat’s gorgeous little neighborhood of
bungalows; checking out H.D. Buttercup, a huge furniture showroom
housed in a wonderful old art deco bakery; and Kwik-E-Mart madness.

Almost there…

We are rewarded for our patience.