Kaho and I took a vinyl cutting class with Heather; we enjoyed it.

We learned how to cut vinyl, very precisely. You can use any kind of vector file with the machine, and cut intricate designs. The machine has a tiny blade that changes direction rapidly as it cuts. Everyone cut their name out.

You’re essentially creating a sticker. The vinyl has a sticky back, and peels off a backing. I’m guessing this is how they make the typography used so frequently in museum exhibits.

On a different topic, Hung had my second 3D prototype for the salt and pepper. Some problems have been solved — the shaker is thicker, and has a more appropriate heft. And the increased level of detail on the lid is good, except the surface of it is jaggy and would require a lot of sanding to smooth I think. We tried applying acetone, which didn’t smooth it enough — but that’s why the top surface is shiny. The lid fits onto the base too tightly this time, as we’d added a bead of material to help hold it in place (it was too loose last time). There are still more issues to solve…