After seeing Iguazu Falls, Eleanor Roosevelt remarked, "Poor Niagara." Iguazu Falls is the largest system of waterfalls in the world. It’s multifaceted, and impossible to describe. As with Australia’s Uluru, photos don’t do it justice.

We also saw coatis, raccoon-like creatures, though they were too quick to photograph well.


We were lucky to visit Iguazu on what started as a sunny day. After walking around the falls, we rode what might be described as a motorboat on steroids. Though the current was strong, and the water choppy, this boat could handle it all. The ride started with photo ops at various individual waterfalls. Then, the boat actually drove into the edge of one of the falls — the one at the the very left of the above photo. It is hard to describe how tiny our boat was compared to the waterfall. We’d been told we’d get a little wet, but were as soaked as if we’d fallen into the river.


Vultures circle the falls.

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Note the people standing at the edge of the cliff on the left side of the photo below. This gives some idea of the massive scale of Iguazu.

The day got colder, our pants were still wet, and things degenerated some from there. We were driven around in an open-topped truck through the rain forest, watched the Argentine futbol team lose to Germany, then a huge thunderstorm settled over Iguazu. It was time to go back to the hotel.