Soda Gulch, originally uploaded by devittj.

The weekend before last, Jason and I went hiking again, to help me train for the Avon Walk. We hiked Purisima Creek Preserve, near Half Moon Bay, on a friend’s recommendation. Our friend was right — this is one of the most beautiful places in the area. It was a perfect day out — 70’s, and much of the hike was in the shade of tall redwoods. The water of the creek by the trail sounded refreshing, and there was a cool breeze.

We saw our first banana slugs; they actually look like bananas. They’re kind of cute that way. We saw 4 in all.

Banana Slug, originally uploaded by devittj.

Further along, the trail meandered up a hill, and became an idyllic sunny path fit for Winnie the Pooh. We saw birds, including a quail atop a small tree. And many butterflies.

Butterfly Thistles, originally uploaded by devittj.