A couple weeks ago, I met Kaho, while giving away plastic hangers on Freecycle;
she’s a fashion designer, and wanted them for her fabrics. Having both
recently moved from New York to San Francisco, and being interested in
design and technology, we have a lot in common. We’ve started driving
to classes at TechShop in Menlo Park together.

We took the first class a couple weeks ago – an intro to 3D printing taught by Hung Nguyen. We were inspired.

A couple days ago, we took another class with Hung, who taught us
CAD basics in Autodesk. I drew up a salt and pepper set, shaped like a
plug plate and sockets. Imagine a plug plate sitting horizontally on
the table, and the two sockets extruded upward from the plate, to form
the salt and pepper. The holes for the electrical prongs become the
perforations for the salt and pepper to come out. I managed to get a
whole draft done in the class. Hung was very generous, and gave us
several hours, rather than just one. His son came in to help too,
so the instructor to student ratio was very good.

After Hung checks over the drawing, I plan to create a version of
the S&P on the 3D printer, to see how it looks. This will be my
first rapid prototyped object, and I’m really excited about it.