Ochheuteal  bungalows are a restful and fun place. We’re a block from the beach, the bungalows are charming and pretty comfortable, and the proprietors are the sweetest we’ve met. Tea at the front desk (sp?) is fun to talk with and has great English. And San (sp?) cooks excellent Khmer food, and we’ve enjoyed chatting with him too. At night, we dine under their thatched roof to the strains of Big Pimpin’ and some Eminem song — I think they must have a "best of American rap"album or something.

We’ve had some different "amoks" here and elsewhere, with fish, chicken or beef — amok is a nice mild Cambodian curry. Cambodia also has excellent fresh fish. Lots of dishes include large, undried green peppercorns.

We also met a nice Oregon couple at the bungalows — he was born in Laos and she in Cambodia. It’s funny — most Americans we’ve met in Cambodia are from Oregon.