Catherine visited us this weekend, with her 6 month old son, Max. After the 6 hour flight from New York, airport, car rides, etc, Max was remarkably cheerful. He was a lot of fun.

Saturday, Catherine and I walked to Hayes Valley, with Max in a stroller. We had a great French brunch, got rose flavored mini meringues at Miette, and scored on-sale shoes and a jacket before heading home. Then we took a driving tour of SF. For dinner, Catherine, Jason and I had an amazing Greek dinner at Kokkari.

Today, I put together a peach and plum cobbler (or, as the foodies seem to say, a "stone fruit" cobbler). It turned out pretty well. We went to a potluck at Wai and Lisa’s place, and met some of their friends. The food was great — highlights were BBQ pork and curry puffs.