After our first day on the Mekong, we spent the night in a town named Can Toh. It’s a really charming mid-sized city by the Mekong.

Even in Saigon, some people are curious about us, as maybe they haven’t seen a lot of westerners in certain parts of the city. But Can Toh, they were even more so, with parents encouraging their children to walk up and say "hello." The people were very sweet.

The city has a really great landscaped waterfront and marketplace. People of all ages are out there in the evening seeing and being seen. A few people ride by on their xe oms. We went to a French restaurant called Nam Bo in a pretty colonial building. They offer specialties like snake, but we opted for fresh squid, and apple pie, which was great.


And we visited this fine establishment.


I wish we’d had a bit more time to explore the town.