The bus ride from Kampot to Phnom Penh was as much an adventure as any of our recent over-land travel. We thought the rutted dirt roads were the reason for the bus’s bucking bronco-style performance. But later, as the bus continued it’s gut-wrenching performance on flat pavement, we decided the suspension was shot.
A combination of Cambodian and western passengers rode the bus.
We saw lots of really great houses in the country between Kampot and Phnom Penh. Even some of the most humble country houses are often on stilts, and have pitched roofs with colorful support beams. I’ve probably just described this with all the wrong terminology, but you get the idea. They’re often really well-designed for the climate, and have great decorative details.
A sort of karaoke feature film was shown on the bus’s wobbly DVD player.
A Romeo and Juliet-type Khmer love story led into various musical numbers designed for karaoke — rock, ballad, there was even Khmer rap! After the karaoke film was a Cambodian action flick featuring tuk-tuk chases, collisions and explosions.