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Victorian Legs


As seen on the way from Bay to Breakers.

Love these colors and forms…


New Photos on Retailer Site


I just put my new jewelry photos up on a simple site, showing my 3d printed jewelry collection, here. I'm quite happy with them. The site is a really simple Carbonmade one… I'll be replacing this with my own ecommerece site, but till then, this is a great solution. Now, to put them onto my Etsy site

Sneak peek: Future Victorian Emerald Necklace!


Woo hoo, I'm very excited my Future Victorian Emerald Necklace turned out so well on the first print… Deciding on chain lengths now. I like that it just grazes the collarbone, but my neck is thinnish, so I might want to make the chains a little longer to accommodate different size necks.

Crystalline Prototype Arrived


So I got some prototypes in from Shapeways today… and they look awesome! I'm creating a bib necklace with crystalline forms, and am testing out a piece of it for thickness… The photo doesn't do it justice as it doesn't show the dimensionality… I'm really excited — it's both bold and delicate.