On New Year’s Eve, we were tired, and apprehensive of the usual "taxi-driver-taking-you-to-a-similar-sounding-location-across-town" phenomenon, and relented to celebrating on Khao San Road, the epicenter of didgeri-don’ts (dread-locked white tourists wearing "Same-Same" t-shirts, and attempting to play Pink Floyd songs on the didgeridoo). Khao San Road on New Years is the local equivalent to a Times Square New Years in New York — not exactly our scene — but we figured it would be an experience. We plunked ourselves down at a sports bar manned by tourist-weary Thais, some of them women wearing Heineken-logoed dresses. Surrounded by a loud international frat boy crowd, we settled in to while the hours away.

Surprisingly, it turned out to be a good time. We were surprised at the number of Thais also celebrating on Khao San — not just drunken tourists. After the ball dropped, we got up and made our way to the end of the road through the wall of bodies, exchanging New Years greetings with the international crowd.