USA! USA! USA!, as Homer might chant…

We’re safely in Oregon now, after 27 hours in planes and airports from Cartagena to Bogota to Miami to Las Vegas to Portland. I’m happy to be back home, watching such all-American tableaux as "girl and her dog in the back yard."

This has been an amazing nine months, and I cannot imagine spending 274 solid days of travel and adventure with anyone other than Jason. It was such an opportunity to bond, learn and grow together, and one of the best things I’ve done in my life. Thank you Jason, for being such a wonderful husband and travel companion.

There are a couple other people I need to thank, for helping this trip come off so smoothly:
– Eva, for giving Saffron the best care possible
– Mom and Dad for storing the fourteen boxes of stuff we sent back
– Especially Mom, for sorting all that mail, and sending the occasional care package
– Everyone else on Saffron’s emergency care list (Dan, Jen and Paul)
– Dave and Michele, for letting us forward our wedding gifts to their apartment
– Fidel, for keeping my computer drive safe
– Britt, for receiving the package at work
– All the wonderful people we met on the road, who gave us impromptu tours, fed us local meals, and otherwise helped make this such a meaningful trip

Thanks everyone!