About Summerized

Influenced by her background in graphic design, Summer Powell’s 3d designs are fun, fresh, modern and luxe.

Summer desired massive diamond earrings, yet there was nothing on the market like the picture in her head. So she printed her own diamonds. After drawing them in CAD, she sent them to a 3d printer. Two weeks later, Summer had the biggest rocks in town! She’d created her first 3d printed jewelry design, and the Gemetrica Collection was born.

Summerized jewelry designs are literally printed. They’re created in CAD 3d software, and realized using Selective Laser Sintering, a 3d printing technology. With SLS, a laser fuses material and builds complex objects one layer at a time.

A lover of dichotomies, Summer is inspired by the intersection of body and technology, natural and artificial, high and low, Barneys and K-mart, New York street style and Northern Californa zen. Her work lives on the continuum of quirky to profound. Other influences include a lifelong interest in patterns, mythologies, ancient symbols, geometry, origami, world travel, flora and fauna, and op and pop art.

Her background includes an MFA in graphic design from Cranbrook Academy of Art; creative direction at several design firms; co-founding Elevator, a NYC-based boutique design firm with clients like Viacom and the Oxygen Network; and creative direction for Silicon Valley startups.

Summer brings graphic energy into three-dimensional reality. She’s always merged 2 and 3-dimensional media, creating vacuum-formed speaker-inspired briefcases for VH1, a mesmerizing motion graphic-based animated clock, and temporary technological tattoos for partiers.

She’s equally comfortable scuba diving with sharks, or clawing her way through New York’s sample sales. Her fashion icons are Debbie Harry and Jackie O. A master of the non sequitur, Summer is as likely to do a sheep imitation as to reference a design’s connection to architectural details on Topkapi palace in Istanbul.