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A few photos from the Summerized jewelry fashion shoot

Here's a sampling of the wonderful photos from the Summerized jewelry fashion shoot…







Thanks again, to my wonderful team!


Photographer: Mark Elzey

Models: Trine Eide and Rinkie Singh Rathaud

Makeup Artist: Paula Louse

Hair Stylist: Danica Winters

Wardrobe Stylist: Stephanie Maboloc

Marketing Advisor:Tanya Forsberg


Summerized Jewelry Fashion Photoshoot at Land’s End

Last weekend was the first ever Summerized modeled photoshoot, and it went smashingly!

Summerized will have a sale on next month, which I'm so excited about. I'm doing a number of things to take full advantage of this opportunity, including the photography. It will be so great to show how beautiful the jewelry looks on women, and how much fun it is to wear.

Our shoot started at my friend (and stylist par excellence) Danica's salon, Plum Organic Beauty.


Wardrobe stylist Stephanie Maboloc showed me her carefully selected choices for clothing for our lovely models, Trine Eide and Rinkie Singh Rathaud. She had some fabulous clothes, ranging from more formal, to summery, to retro. We chose pieces to go with the various jewelry selections.


Meanwhile Danica styled Rinkie and Trine, doing messy, punky, boho updos that were just perfect.


Tanya Forsberg, my marketing advisor, checked out clothing with us, and helped keep things moving.


And Paula Louse, our makeup artist, went to work on the ladies.


She created the most amazing smoky cat-eyes with lots of drama.


Meanwhile Mark, fashion photographer extraordinaire, lounged on Le Plum's couch.


A couple hours later, ladies looked amazing and we were ready to go.


It was an absolutely gorgeous day out, and we drove to Land's End.


It was an ideal location, since we could move around to different types of areas as the light changed, to get the best shots. The weather was a bit windy, but still about the best one could hope for in San Francisco. Mark, Trine and Rinkie were troupers, and braved the sun, wind, cold and gawking tourists. Mark shot tirelessly, and the ladies strutted and posed fabulously through several wardrobe changes, till we had all our shots.


Seven hours, and many amazing photos later, five exhausted people remained… It was time to go home.