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Rhythms, Ruminants and Raw Food


Yesterday, I had the most fabulous day in Marin County. Waiting for 5rhythms dance to start, some people were playing guitar and singing outside, and I had a nice chat with a fellow dancer. Once inside, it was an amazing dance, with lots of energy and beautiful expression.


After, I went to a favorite lunch spot, and ate with some new friends. Stopping at the organic fruit stand on the way home, I picked up some great produce and homemade pickles made with apple cider vinegar. Pickled unripe strawberries are especially delicious.


A petting zoo happened to be across the street; I got to snuggle with some friendly goats, sheep and piglets. I refrained from doing my sheep/goat imitation.


Sailing off Sausalito


Last weekend, Kat and Brian came to town, and we went sailing with Krisztina, Autumn and Berndt.


It was my first experience on a sailboat…. and it was pretty noobish.


But it was a lot of fun just to be out with everyone on a beautiful day.


The blanket of fog rolled over Sausalito like something out of Mordor… and was moving so fast you could watch it billow and tumble.