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iSkoot logo’s first appearance

I recently designed a new logo and website for San Francisco startup, iSkoot. Though the new site isn't up yet, the logo has made it's first appearance, as noticed by TechCrunch, hehe: "We should also note that iSkoot has finally ditched its funky purple skooter logo in favor of something a little more professional (looks like that $19 million funding round paid off)."

Craft Magazine Article for BPB


Craft Magazine ran a great article on Bodega Party in a Box! It's in the current "Celebration" issue with Amy Sedaris on the cover. Incidentally, Bodega Party in a Box would make a great Valentine gift.

Belize Photos Recovered

Spurred on by my earlier post, Jason spent 4 hours recovering all our Belize photos from the flaky 8 gig sd card. Here are a couple of our favorite things…

Jet's famous airport bar,

bright colors in San Pedro,

the beach by Ramon's,

parasailing along the island,

local color,

local waterbirds,

local Christmas,

and Mennonites and other Belizeans hanging out at the airport's waving deck.

The rest are on Flickr.