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Just another day in San Francisco…

Napa Schmap

My photo of the gardens at Indian Springs in Calistoga has been included in the Schmap Napa Valley guide. Just looking at it makes me long for warmer days.

Ladybug Swarm

We went to Half Moon Bay on Sunday, and hiked part of the Purisima Trail. It was an unseasonably warm day, though cool and dark under the redwoods. A couple miles in, we were surprised to find a gazillion ladybugs swarming in a little green meadow between the trees. They were piled on top of each other by the hundreds, covering every leaf, branch and blade of grass.

Skydeck-FreshBooks Mashup

FreshBooks logo

I'm really excited about a new mashup between two of my favorite companies/services, Skydeck and FreshBooks. Skydeck is of course Jason's company; they provide several services, in and around helping you access, track and utilize the data contained in your phone bills (they've also just launched a money-saving
widget, showing you how many minutes/texts you've used this month, and whether you might go over!). And FreshBooks is an online invoicing service, and they have a very useful time-tracking widget, which I use everyday for my freelance work. Not to mention they're great people; I've gone to a couple of their FreshBooks dinners in SF.

Anyhoo, this new mashup will help you automatically capture all your cell phone calls — the length of the call, who it was with, etc. — within FreshBooks, which will make billing for calls a lot easier for consultants, designers, lawyers and other professionals who bill by the hour. Check it out!

Went to Buena Vista Park

Jason and I walked to Buena Vista Park last week. The weather was so gorgeous. We saw another "No on Proposition" protest on the way home.