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Klein Posters


We went to an antique fair a couple weeks ago and got this great old David Klein San Francisco travel poster… And later discovered that a beautiful Switzerland travel poster I have, from my great great aunt's house, is also a Klein.

In the intervening time…

About a month ago, we took a cold dip on a hot day at Lake Anza in Berkeley. I had no idea such a place — sandy beach, slightly warmer than freezing water — existed within Berkeley city limits. It was lovely. We also visited the nearby Botanic Gardens.

The weekend after was our first trip to Muir Woods. It was very beautiful but a little crowded.

Then a cold and a flu derailed my blogging for a while.

Jason Times Two


I'm making a groggy return to blogging to tell you, belatedly, that Jason and Skydeck were on the front (and fifth!) page of the New York Times business section last week. Woohoo! While "Credit Crisis Spreads a Pall Over Silicon Valley" isn't the most positive article title, he got a great quote in.