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Weekend with Dan

Dan came to visit right after Iza left. He and Butters enjoy a special relationship. We did an easy hike with him, by a lake, then hit Daisu, a massive Japanese dollar store. Daisu turned out to be a treasure trove for scary halloween gear, such as this transparent mask labeled, "You can be a drag queen!"

We also liked the exploding breasts for drunken businessmen:

Albino Alligator

We saw the albino alligator at the new, Renzo Piano-designed, Academy of Sciences. The building looks great, but it was too mobbed with people to see much.

Iza Visits

IMG_1681, originally uploaded by foxfatalenyc
Iza was here the week before last… we had a great time. Alcatraz was interesting; neither of us had been. And it was the perfect sunny day for a ferry ride across the bay.

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Alcatraz has a kind of stark beauty, actually. It's obvious there's been a lot of pain and suffering there. But the cells, facilities, furniture and objects have a the utilitarian, well-worn, honest quality.

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Jailbird, originally uploaded by Summerized.

Iza and Kaho were my booth bunnies at the Sandbox 1 year anniversary party. I set up a table with some of my design work on display, and they kept the customers coming.

IMG_1771, originally uploaded by foxfatalenyc.

Iza took us to Andalu at the end of her visit. We were sad to see her go.
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Bday / Housewarming

Last weekend, Jason and I threw our first party together. Ever. It was my birthday party, combined with our housewarming party, if it can be called that after a year and a half of living here. And it was great!

Jason surprised me by flying Brittany and Michael in to celebrate with us, and Kat came in from LA too.

Some of our favorite SF people came over, and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun.

Pics with Kat

Kat and I had some portraits done for a project we were working on, and did a few fun ones together. Our fabulous photog was David Papas.