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Catherine and Max

Catherine visited us this weekend, with her 6 month old son, Max. After the 6 hour flight from New York, airport, car rides, etc, Max was remarkably cheerful. He was a lot of fun.

Saturday, Catherine and I walked to Hayes Valley, with Max in a stroller. We had a great French brunch, got rose flavored mini meringues at Miette, and scored on-sale shoes and a jacket before heading home. Then we took a driving tour of SF. For dinner, Catherine, Jason and I had an amazing Greek dinner at Kokkari.

Today, I put together a peach and plum cobbler (or, as the foodies seem to say, a "stone fruit" cobbler). It turned out pretty well. We went to a potluck at Wai and Lisa’s place, and met some of their friends. The food was great — highlights were BBQ pork and curry puffs.

America the Beautiful

Yesterday, Victoria and I saw a great documentary at the Clay Theater called "America the Beautiful," by Darryl Roberts. It explores our current, extreme, American (and international) standards of beauty for women. Though some of the concepts were familiar to me, others weren’t, and I thought it was really well put together and powerful. The director wove a somewhat gut-wrenching narrative about a 12 year old runway model’s life journey with other facets of modern beauty, like the media perspective, the cosmetics industry, plastic surgery, and anorexia/bulimia. It was entertaining and disturbing.

File Cabinet Heaven

This sounds a little ridiculous, but I spent the weekend before last finishing putting my file cabinet completely in order. I continue to do the Getting Things Done regimen in my spare time, and this is where I’m at in the process. Being naturally disorganized, it seemed necessary to go to the nth degree to make sure the system stays in place — using the P-Touch label maker for folder labels, and applying wax to the area where the hanging files slide along, to make them slide more smoothly. Is it possible to go from hopeless-slob-who-leaves-pizza-boxes-under-the-bed-so-long-they-grow-mold-out-the-top to obsessive compulsive?

Oregon Weekend

I’ve truly neglected my blog in the last weeks… there’s been a lot to do on an online prototype Kat and I are building.

Several weekends ago, Jason and I visited my parents in Oregon, which was a fun, relaxing time. They plied us with delicious Swiss potato soup and pot roast.

My dad recently broke ground on the house he’s building, so we got to see the future foundation and basement. The house, which he calls Deerpath Lodge, will be fashioned after a Germanic chalet, and will use some European building components that are kind of like Lego bricks that slide over rebar. You pour cement into the cavities of the blocks, and it makes the wall truly solid.

The house will be located atop the hill, several hundred feet up from the existing house. Dad’s digger looked like a teaspoon, in relation to the size of the hole; it took him quite a while to dig it all out. The rock and clay that’s at the site is beautiful and kind of pliable, in shades of red, orange and yellow. It was interesting to see all the strata that was exposed.

Jason and I walked around the grounds some, and saw a cute spotted deer sproinging up the hill, and a yellow and black snake.

My high school friend Tonya and her family came to dinner on Saturday. It was fun to see how much her kids have grown.

And Mom and Dad took us to an indulgent brunch at a winery Sunday.

More props for BPB

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