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There are always bears on the streets of San Francisco

Convalescence, work and a few outings

At the very end of our New York trip, we caught one of those awful bugs. We were ill for several weeks, and have been very busy with work since.


As I’ve worked, the "Butters fan club" has entertained me. Butters sits on my desk, looking out the window, and several people (regulars) greet and interact with her each time they pass. One looks a little like Leo from That 70’s Show.

I’ve been working on several demanding freelance projects, including one for the Neighbors Project,
a local nonprofit dedicated to improving urban neighborhoods. I’m
really excited about how the project is turning out and will post on it
when it’s finished.

Madeleine and Seamus

Last weekend, we managed to get out to a couple parties — Madeleine and Seamus’ wedding shower, and Magi’s birthday party.

Magi and Susan, originally uploaded by Summerized.

And this weekend we did a little hike on Russian Ridge. Yes New York friends, I went on a hike. I even suggested it.

Summer Climbs A Tree, originally uploaded by devittj.