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Thanksgiving ’07

Walks were taken,

J. Crew moments were had,

stuff was moved,

and burned,

guts were busted,

naps were taken.



The O.C.

Last week I was in Orange County for a meeting. The client had some adorable little pugs that kept snorting and licking each other’s jowls and ears.

And I kept wanting to sing that "Californyaaaa" song from The O.C.

Then I stayed in L.A. with Kat for a couple days. She cooked a wonderful halibut meal with lima beans and broccoli rabe, we had a Rihanna sighting at Fred Segal, we checked out the L.A. Moss, we ate a great French dinner of filet mignon, and our attempt to go clubbing was thwarted by a "VIP line" 200 people long. And that about sums up the weekend.

M.I.A. Concert

We went to the M.I.A. concert last night… they were pretty late getting on, and seemed haggard from touring. And manky white dude dreads kept whacking me in the face (see below).

But it was fun to hear 10 Dollar and Bucky Done Gun.

Siberian Kittens, Beer-Holding Theater Seats and Speedo Men

Last weekend, we had a little dim sum dinner party with some friends, at a local restaurant. Some of them thought it was weird, comparing eating dim sum for dinner to eating bacon and eggs for dinner. I could eat bacon and eggs for dinner.

We also went to visit a Siberian cat breeder located, appropriately, in Los Gatos. We’re interested in their reported hypoallergenic qualities. The kittens were downy and adorable, but we’re still getting over the sticker shock.

This weekend, Kaho and I went to a furniture sample sale, as we’re both still furnishing our apartments. And we saw some items with great potential, such as this movie theater-style set of connected recliners with drink holders. You know — for when you want to sit on a couch with your buddies, but need to recline independently, and don’t want to hold your beer all the time.

And this puppies-holding-up-a-glass-tabletop-with-their-mouths style table will look great next to the theater seating. Kaho’s all set now.

Things have been busy with freelance but I’ve made a bit of progress preparing files for a wall clock I plan to make out of plexi. It involves a complex pattern comprised of Speedo-clad mohawked men. Perhaps repeat exposure to Speedo’ed Europeans on sun holidays is informing my subconscious.

And we visited the SPCA this weekend. The cats there live in little simulations of living rooms, and are very comfortable. It makes it much easier to get to know them.

Photo by pengrin™.